it’s still summer

Dave is back to work, seriously back to work. Sarting a new school is quite a task, but one that Dave and a handful of other people are taking on with enthusiasm, determination, and incredibly hard work. I am in awe of their tenacity.

Despite the change in schedules, it’s still summertime on the mesa. Though the nights and mornings are cooler, the days seem hotter with less frequent relief from clouds and afternoon thunderstorms. Come midday, which is when we usually get around to going somewhere, we find oursleves looking for relief from sunscreen and hats. (Funny aside, E-man is so opposed to sun exposure that he insists on wearing long sleeves and pants every day, a little like his Omi.)


We may not always find complete relief from the sunshine, but we certainly are living up the last of the summer months. The CSA bounty is diversifying from greens, greens, and more greens to tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, and green beans. We’ve had a few apricot picking sessions at the former high school campus, and I am constantly on the look out for apple trees on abandoned lots. There are apple trees everywhere in Taos. And though the strawberries weren’t local, we sure did enjoy an Orwig family tradition one summer night: Strawberry Shortcake for dinner! We dressed it up a bit with gluten-free biscuits and vanilla yogurt made from fresh goat’s milk.


Relief has come, too:

in an encahnted forest up Toas Ski Valley,




along a beautiful gurgling creek, just the right size and depth for wading,


and down a wide untravelled dirt road perfect for meandering for the new-to-walking and easily tired members of our crew.


The creek and road were found by Dave a while back. The rest of the clan just discovered it this weekend. I am fantasizing of L O N G days spent in this lush, cool, and wild place.



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