little helper

My mom taught me to make work fun, which I haven’t always done, but surrounded by two enthusiastic little helpers I make every effort to heed her advice. Monday has become floor scrubbin’ day at the Manzella household, so I am teaching E-man to put on some fun music and get to work dancing. Last week E-man boogied to reggae. This week it was the Beatles, his new favorite. He’s a happy little scrubber. G-man, Mighty Man follows right along, too, but he was napping off a nasty cold this time around. I think all of his new walking, climbing, dancing, and twirling has him a little run down. The best part of floor scrubbin’ is enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done–popcorn and popsicles for lunch.




We carried home a big bag of Pueblo corn from our CSA farm last week. Corn that was grown in the Taos Pueblo by a Puebloan family. There is something very pleasing about eating corn grown in the same soil that grew corn over a thousand years ago. E-man had fun husking and we all enjoyed eating it buttered up and yummy.




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