you know your in your thirties when…


Today Dave is 36. My mom came to visit the boys and give us a little time to celebrate, like adults. Last night we enjoyed some funky and upbeat desert-island-roots music at the Adobe Bar (aka the living room of Taos). We both wished our Colorado friends could have been there with us. We’ll definitely be taking visitors to this favorite spot.


Yesterday Dave commented that thirty-six sounds a little old and wondered aloud when mid thirties become late thirties. I assured him that late thirties start at thirty-eight. He was relieved to know he has two more years in the middle. This afternoon he joked that you know your getting on in life when you get excited about buying rain barrels with your birthday cash. Then he spent his day installing a primitiave water catchment system and we all stayed home wishing for rain. The skies cooperated with a gentle and steady flow of precious H20, funneled perfectly from sky to roof to birthday barrels. We’ll be watering our newly planted herbs with rain water tomorrow morning. How satisfying.


Dave’s birthday was finally motivation to cast fears of xantham gum, potato starch, and tapioca flour aside and do some gluten-free baking. We have been flour-free for three months since learning that gluten and E man just don’t jive. We have adjusted to life without bread and restaurants. But a birthday without cake? Impossible! So I made friends with wierd starchy powders and we enjoyed a delicious carrot cake that was a nice reminder of our more flour-y past.

We wrapped up the day and honored the full moon with friends on an evening bike ride. The vistas were dramatic and perspective lending, as always. A soothing way to end a special day.


Happy Birthday Dave!


One thought on “you know your in your thirties when…

  1. Happy birthday Dave!!

    from Mike, Maia, Sam & Max

    ps – that Taos Inn sign is almost shockingly familiar…that gave me a jolt back to the early ’70s!!

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