It is a time of momentous events at the Manzella household. The move aside, there is time to focus on more important things, like the incredible imaginary play of a three year old. A recent trip to Rocky Mountain National Park to visit some very dear old friends united E man with his friend Deva, who is also three. Within moments, they were off. Exploring a world unknown to us older folk. They rode horses, drove to California, operated chainsaws, and went swimming. All at our pine needle covered campsite that couldn’t have been much bigger than a living room, and all without the aid of any props (read toys) other than what could be found amongst the camping gear and natural world. Beautiful!

In the world of the youngest Manzella lad, G man took several self-initiated forays into bipedal locomotion. Not a full walk, more a joyous lunge towards person or furniture, with the major goal being the complete surrender into waiting arms or soft cushions, as opposed to the walking itself. He has been doing this lunging from person to person at the prompting of his loved ones, primarily grandparents, for some time. But today was different. Today it was all G man.

It is a bittersweet time. E man grew up so fast, while G man has meandered through infancy. We have enjoyed this slow stroll to toddlerhood. His perspective will change as a walker. It really is the end of an era. (How melodramatic, I know.) A bit sad to say good-bye to such a sweet, sweet time. But it is so exciting to think about the freedom he will feel, and us, too! We’ll get to know him better and his brother will surely respect him more. Maybe he will even graduate from being a little guy to a big boy in E man’s eyes. So sweet, this journey in parenting.


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