a safe landing

We have landed. The solar house is our new home. The fondness we feel for our cozy little space on the expansive mesa exceeds our expectations.

The neighbors are welcoming and interesting. I am especially fond of these fellow mesa inhabitants.
The big-eared, ever vigilant, and fast as lightening jack rabbit

A yet unidentified BIG yellow spider (an orb weaver of some sort I think). One of these big mamas has made a home every yard or so under our eaves.

And then there are the orange bears that hide in the rocks that like people and don’t eat people. They are our friends. E-man discovered them along with the monsters, you know ‘cuz monsters, they live in the desert.

We hope we’ll get to see some of you in these sunny parts. Still lots to do and discover. More to come, sooner rather than later.


One thought on “a safe landing

  1. Gorgeous pictures!! Reminds me of our NM days…I love the rabbit.
    My mom and I ended up camping in the Medicine Bow mountains of WY instead of coming down to Taos, because of the heatwave, but hopefully Mike and I can come down some day when he’s not so busy!!
    Love and happy living!

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