earth, sun, sky

This weekend marks our first big push to Taos. A big push to a storage locker and more excitingly a little nest hunting. Interesting that three of the places we are thinking about building the Manzella nest are characterized by different elements:

There is the EARTH home, a 120 year old adobe with walls of mud more than two feet thick. The woman who owns the home says the adobe abosrbs the energy of the families that have lived there. I believe it. You can feel it.

The SUN home, one of Mike Reynolds’ first homes that is built to heat exclusively by the sun’s rays, which are plentiful out on the Mesa in Taos.

And lastly, the SKY home, which is a peanut of a place perched atop the Hondo Mesa with nothing buy sky in all directions. A little tiny for us, but nothing in comparison to the tiny space living that Sara and family have mastered. Great inspiration for living with only what you truely need.

There are a few others. But these are our favorites. All different. All charming in their own way. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to share one of these spaces with visiting friends and families this summer.


4 thoughts on “earth, sun, sky

  1. Hey, where did your recent post go? I was going to refer to it to finally do my 7 “gotta get em goals” since you tagged me. A welcome tag, by the way.:) Maybe you decided to keep them private? Hope all is well in your corner!

  2. Beautiful! We lived in Arroyo Hondo at one time…although my memory of the area is pretty sketchy after all these years.
    Keep us posted when you pick a place! Looking forward to seeing it!
    We just joined the “waiting child program” with the adoption agency…haven’t posted about it yet, but soon!
    OX Maia & Mike

  3. thanks for visiting my blog…yours looks great! you’ll be next door in taos. almost. i look forward to getting to know you a bit more through your words and photos.

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