one cool dude

I think all of us remember Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood fame. I do. My memories of him are from an age when I may have caught his half hour show on PBS eventhough I was a bit older than his targeted audience. He seemed quirky, innocent, a little old-fashioned, and totally oblivious to fashion trends (recall zip-up sweaters and plain white sneakers), which at one time in my life were VERY important.
Well fast forward about twenty years, plus two kids and now I think this Fred Rogers guy is one cool dude. I caught a clip of him testifying before the senate in 1969 thanks to a link on soulemama. He spoke of the value of creating drama in children’s programming by featuring ordinary events like a haricut or navigating the waters of sibling relationships instead of featuring cartoon critters that hit eachother over the head with bats and run over one another with cars.

He closed his testimony by quoting a song (What Do You Do) about control from one of his programs, a big issue for Eman, and everybody really. The lyrics were so right on. Exactly where Eman’s head is at and exactly where I have a tough time getting my head when he wallops his little bro. Mr. Rogers says he really cares about kids, and clearly he does. He also understands them in a way that few people do.


3 thoughts on “one cool dude

  1. I read recently that when Mr. Rogers was in seminary he learned that people either become “accusers or advocates” and that he wanted to be a man known as an advocate for children. Food for thought!

  2. one big hooray for mr. rogers.
    and one big hooray for the g-man cute.

    i’m so happy we’ve met and look forward to life round here knowing you all.


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