brother’s first birthday

My mom always DID birthdays, but somehow D and I haven’t been doing them up. I have set a goal of DOING birthdays, and doing them well—starting traditions that we will stick to and making that special someone’s special day just as special as it can be.
G man turned ONE recently. I borrowed a new tradition from soule mama–the birthday crown. I was pretty excited about how Gman’s crown turned out. Although he won’t let anything sit on his head for more than 5 seconds, we got one photo of him trying to take the crown off. Guess that’s as good as we’ll get this year.
The real joy was getting Eman excited about his brother’s birthday. Eman loves birthdays. Anyone’s birthday. We sang Happy Birthday to everyone in the family on the morning of Gman’s special day. Each song was accompanied by a candle-clad birthday muffin. Eman graciously did all of the candle blowing on behalf of each of his family members.
My heart grew 20 sizes larger as I helped Eman make his gift for his brother. He came up with the idea and selected the colors himself. We created together.
Being that I don’t have any brothers or sisters, I can really get caught up in this sibling love.


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