perspective of three

Recently, we handed over our Canon Elph to E-man. Once he got used to looking at the screen to frame his photo, he was happily snapping away. We give him total creative freedom–no suggestions, warnings, or teaching. The immediacy and simplicity of a three year old’s photos is interesting. Whatever is directly before him becomes his subject. Turn 90 degrees and SNAP! in the same manner. Then, repeat. But what I describe as simple is amazing to him. A CUP! BOOTS! He exclaims.
I need to sit down and look at his photos with him. I’ll have to listen carefully to his narration. He loves to narrate. Perhaps I’ll see the same imaginative interpretation of ordinary objects that we see in his play: chopstick becomes airplane, tea strainer is tow truck, hazelnut morphs into blueberry. I love his dreamy world where reality and fantasy are interwoven. Magical.
I have set up E-man’s Eyes as an investigation of his photographic journey over time. It may be terribly boring or fantastically inspired. Perhaps it will just depend on our perspective.


One thought on “perspective of three

  1. That’s a great idea guys, and the results are pretty funny.
    Really gives a sense of, well, what the world looks like when you’re three.
    Good stuff.

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