something to be thankful for

friends that are so close it is almost like you are one organism, ‘cuz they jump in and help take care of your kids, like not only take care of them as in kids go to their house to stay for a bit (they do that, too, and leave you cute notes like this:)


not only do they do THAT, but they take care of your kids when you are there with them, but the situation gets fuzzy ‘cuz someone didn’t get enough sleep and the food isn’t coming fast enough, and one of your kids has this scream that is so ear piercing it seems everyone in the restaurant is thinking, “what are they doing to that poor baby,” but you keep your cool ‘cuz your friends calm energy and support makes you feel okay, and when two people isn’t enough to meet the needs of two kids, your friends jump in, just like they are your kids’ parents, like you’ve got one big extended family, where you all get each other without talking, or sometimes talking too much.

that is worth a mountain of thanks.


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