I am only months old to reading blogs and weeks old to writing. I can’t say I have a clear purpose for Connected at the Roots, yet. I read an interesting post here on establishing a blogging niche. (What a funny concept).

The ideas that bring people to blogging are as varied as people. I frequent a few blogs that are issue related (simple living, green mommy, walk slowly live wildly). All these folks are compacters. I value the time and thought these people have invested in acquiring information and sharing with the world. It’s like having your own personal research assistant. Fabulous. I admire these bloggers for the breadth of their impact.

I also visit several blogs that are creative engines (soulemama, angry chicken, little birds). These folks are AMAZINGLY gifted and generous with their talent. They inspire me to let my mind wander, to create, to enjoy the process more than the product, and to SHARE the joy of creating.

But I think what I really love about blogs is the attention they bring to the forgotten moments that make up our days. If we think of life as a snowy day, each snowflake represents a moment. We tend to characterize our day as a whole–covered in white, buffered noises, need to shovel, great day for skiing. You get the picture. Blogging encourages appreciation of the individual snowflakes; fleeting, uniquely beautiful, and usually unnoticed, like these folks are doing here and here. And I guess that is all I really aim for with Connected at the Roots, to hunt for snowflakes and to extend a mitten-clad hand, with a snowflake delicately perched atop.


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