two thirds

two thirds
Originally uploaded by brynnmanzella.

Today marks two thirds of a year of life on the outside for G-man. Time has never moved so fast. The bittersweetness of parenting grows with our family–I have greater awareness of how fleeting every stage of the boys’ development is and experience greater joy at seeing them both unfurl. Both D and I frequently stop our busy lives to just sit and soak, imprint the feeling of life at a given moment.

I am grateful we can’t remember everything. That would leave nothing to be extra special, kind of sad. At the same time, I am often struck with the desire to record everything for fear of forgetting. But I think the key is to just enjoy life as you experience it and let fate decide what sticks. All the time you take to record history is time that you aren’t experiencing the present. Easier said than done.


2 thoughts on “two thirds

  1. I love the photos! Brynn, did you take all of them? I did not realize you had become such the photographer. I think motherhood has also brought out the philosopher in you (: Keep ’em coming!!!

  2. Isn’s that so true?!?! I forget so often the big details and then remember to relish the moments- as they come. Happy to see your growing family! xoxoxo

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